• Celebrating globally-inspired patterns

    Following on from last season, there’s an interiors’ appetite this year to continue to celebrate tactile globally-inspired patterns.

    This trend affords homes an air of global eclecticism and provides a backdrop for any pieces you may have collected on your travels and adventures abroad.

    The look includes a fusion of many cultural styles including decorative Ikats, paisleys and intricate Indian block prints. This authentic, handcrafted-style includes rich tones and rugged textures.

    Go for hand-dyed textiles in subtle and natural earthy pigments and hand-made pottery, embrace wabi-sabi, the Japanese art of accepting transience and imperfection.

    The aesthetic is occasionally described as ‘imperfect, impermanent and incomplete’ beauty.

    With this globally-inspired interiors’ trend, the art is in the detail – go for tassels, pom poms and macramé detail on all your homewares from cushions to wall art.

    Key colours include terracotta, amber, warm oranges and spicy reds and materials such as earthenware, woven textiles and rope are a must.

    Check out our collections of ceramics and textiles to see how we can help you create a perfect globally-inspired home this season.