• Autumn is trending

    We’re now heading away from summer and moving towards autumn and winter.

    As the seasons change so do our homes and how we use them.

    Soon the doors and windows will be firmly closed, and we’ll all be reaching for a throw in the evenings to help keep us cosy and warm.

    This season if you’re updating your look at home, then go for colour schemes that incorporate tones of bark, berries and bramble.

    This look is all about capturing the colours of the landscape as the season changes.

    It’s time to think about layering-up too with chunky knits and creating a happy, homely environment for all the family. Make a safe, warm place so everyone can relax and settle in for the cooler evenings and days ahead.

    Key hues to look out for include russet, plum and damson and materials to go for include chunky wool knits, rustic linens and rough-look wood.

    It’s all very natural and tactile this autumn ensuring after the summer months we don’t shut out the natural world completely.