• Are us Brits really in tune with hygge this winter?

    Hygge was big last winter and we all embraced the vibe, but secretly have us Brits always enjoyed being cosy at home anyway?

    As a nation, we’ve shared a passion for Scandinavian culture for a fair few years now, with everything from flat-pack furniture and meatballs to dark, dark crime thrillers taking our fancy.

    Hygge focuses on the little things in life that make us feel cosy and content.

    Our co-owner Richard Gouget says: “Humans tend to crave feelings of security and belonging, two qualities that happy homes offer. The Danish term ‘hygge’ encapsulates this feeling of cosiness and contentment, which can only be attained when we are fully at ease and feel warm and safe.

    “Our homes are not simply bricks and mortar; they are our personal sanctuary and a space where we truly feel ourselves. Even more so given the current pandemic.

    “Making our homes a little piece of personal perfection is really vital for improving our wellbeing. 

    “There are numerous studies that have evidenced how the way we organise and look after our homes can make us feel really positive about our personal lives. 

    “In fact, taking time to add those extra special features this festive season can really enhance the way we feel about the spaces we inhabit, and in return enhance our lives.” 

    So how cosy is your home this winter? 

    May be take an audit and get some super soft blankets or add in some festive scented candles and warm lighting with lamps to create a cosy vibe.