• A guide to caring for houseplants

    There’s never been a better time to get yourself a houseplant or two.

    Having a happy houseplant growing and blooming on your windowsill can really help boost your spirits and foster good mental health.

    Nurturing new growth, buds and blooms can give us joy and hope, as well as helping us pass time and giving us a purpose.

    Looking after another living thing is not just good for the plant that’s being cared for, it’s also good for us.

    Here’s our guide to help you care for your foliage friend:

    Match place & plant

    Check labels to see what conditions your houseplants prefer. Some foliage plants prefer shade, some like sunshine. Don’t put plants in direct sunlight, as this may be too hot for them. Instead switch between conditions.

    Get the kit

    If you’re not already set-up, you’ll need a small pair of scissors or snippers for removing any dead leaves, stalks and flowers, feed to rejuvenate any sad looking plants, a soft dusting cloth and a water spray bottle to help with leaf cleaning and misting.

    Do some dusting

    Plants need to get optimal sunlight, so they can photosynthesis. This means they need to be kept dust free to thrive. Use a cloth and water, or a leaf shine spray available from all good garden centres and some supermarkets.

    Become a plant doctor

    Look out for discoloured foliage and limp stems. Light issues can cause leaves to fade and change colour. One of the most common issues is over watering. Pop your finger in the soil to see if it is damp before watering. Take a look at the soil and undersides of leaves to see if there are any bugs lurking too. Many garden centres can deliver products to help and are able to give advice over social media, email or the telephone. Find your nearest garden centre here.