• 10 top tips for a low maintenance garden

    Love your outdoor space, but looking to keep tasks to a minimum? Here are our 10 top tips for a low maintenance garden:

    1. Make sure garden surfaces are easily maintained and weed-free.
    2. Minimise flower beds
    3. Grow plants in containers and group them together for easy watering.
    4. Make your plants do the work. Select the right varieties – free-seeding annuals, self-clinging climbers and perennials that survive for years.
    5. Avoid pest or disease-prone plants or varieties, which need regular pruning.
    6. Avoid invasive plants.
    7. Make sure paths and patios are kept to a minimum.
    8. Paving should be grouted or pointed with cement.
    9. Use gravel, as an excellent surface material for driveways and paths, but it can be troublesome with weed growth if not properly prepared at the start so get some professional advice from a landscape gardener on this one.
    10. Use decking as an alternative to paving.